OWA Replacement Cartridge

Have you ever wanted to..... Well, then look no further..... You are in luck.

We have developed a complete web agent replacement that performs all of the above. It incorporates what used to be CGI-BIN functionality into one consolidated cartridge and still supports the CGI-BIN. The CGI-BIN functionality was:

You can get more in depth information on the following topics as well: We have, for your convienence, compiled binaries for the following platforms: You can always download the source code and compile it yourself as well. We have built this against 7.2 as well as 7.3 (it does not need 7.3) but the binaries we have are dynamically linked and depend on the 7.3 libraries being available at runtime on NT.

Additionally, the binaries where compiled using GCC on Solaris and MS Visual C/C++ (v 4.0) on NT.